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Enhance the Long-Range Development of Community Media in the Greater Phoenix Area.

We greatly appreciate when a business or individual contributes to the the Arizona Community Media Foundation or Radio Phoenix. Contributions help to support on-air programming, training programs and to keep the station running and in sound financial condition.

One way your business can support us is by financially sponsoring our programming. The Federal Communications Commission calls this kind of sponsorship "underwriting." Underwriting is an announcement – either read live by an on-air host or aired as a pre-recorded message – identifying your business as one of our supporters.

Underwriting Benefits
– Your contribution is 100% tax deductible.
– Listeners will know that you support community radio and are investing in the quality of life in the Valley of the Sun.
– You are directly associating your business or yourself with quality, excellence and involvement with nonprofit community radio.
– Your message is heard in an uncluttered environment.
– Radio Phoenix listeners are loyal. They support their favorite radio station and they want to support you.

How It Works
Unlike a commercial radio advertisement, Radio Phoenix is not allowed to perform a "call to action" during underwriting announcements. A call to action occurs when someone asks, suggests or urges a listener to perform a task which can result in a for-profit business making money. Instead, we are only allowed to provide your business name, basic information about the product or service you provide, and contact information such as a telephone number, email or website.

The underwriter can pick the type of programming or time of day for your message. We will work with the underwriter to make sure the largest audience for the product or service hears the message. We can create a package to include web banners, mentions in newsletters or mentions on our web page.

Announcement may not include:
– Comparative or qualitative language (best, cheapest, friendly, largest, oldest, etc.)
– Price information (on sale, affordable, free, etc.)
– Call to action (give us a call, stop by, etc.)
– Inducements to buy, sell or lease
– Unnecessary and/or excessive repetition of information.

Announcement may include:
– Name and contact information such as address, telephone number or web address
– Brands or trade names of products or services offered
– Value neutral descriptions of product or services
– Non-promotional slogan
– Historical information

Example Of An Underwriting Credit
"Support for Full Moon Hacksaw comes in part from Quick Clean, providing laundry services in Phoenix and Valleywide. More info available at quick clean dot com."

Our underwriting representative can provide more information and help you to create a package to meet your needs. Please contact Tom Coulson at 602-820-7287 or tomcoulson (at)

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