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Programming & Audience

Each week, Radio Phoenix offers our audience an eclectic programming mix featuring independent news, culture and music content curated by local, regional, national and international producers.

Our primary format is known as News-AAA and airs 12:00mid-7:00p Mon-Fri. It consists of 51% adult album alternative music, 41% news and public affairs and 8% specialty programming.

Key programs featured during our News-AAA block include:

Democracy Now!, an award-winning global newscast hosted by veteran journalist Amy Goodman (9:00a-10:00a Mon-Fri)

Native America Calling, the only national daily public affairs program addressing current events through a Native American cultural perspective (2:06p-3:00p Mon-Fri)

– Community Outreach, a one-minute PSA that promotes local nonprofit events occurring in central Arizona (12:59p, 3:59p and 6:59pm Daily)

– Divergent Sounds, a local AAA music mix during the morning (6:00a-9:00a Mon-Fri), midday (12:00n-2:00p), afternoon (3:00p-6:00p Mon-Fri) and overnight (1:00a-3:00a Tue-Fri)

News-AAA Audience Profile

– 56% male, 44% female
– 24% age 25-44, 53% age 45-64
– 53% listen at home, 47% listen away from home (i.e., car, office, etc.)
– 62% graduated from college
– 25% earn $25,000-$50,000 per year
– 22% earn $50,000-$75,000 per year
– 43% earn more than $75,000 per year
Nearly 10% of the U.S. public radio audience listens to this format
Source: Public Radio Today, 2012 Edition (Arbitron/Nielsen)

Our secondary format is known as Variety Music and airs 7:00p-12:00mid Mon-Fri and 24/7 Sat-Sun. It consists of 65% specialty music, 23% news and public affairs and 12% adult album alternative (AAA) music programming mix. During this format we focus on vertically themed content blocks (i.e., same type of show throughout the day or portion of the day).

Themed blocks include:

Mon 7:00p-12:00mid Roots Music
Tue 7:00p-12:00mid Native American Cultural Programming
Wed 7:00p-12:00mid Arizona Music/Eclectic
Thu 7:00p-12:00mid Eclectic/Classic Rock
Fri 7:00p-12:00mid Eclectic/Soul/R&B/Mixes
Sat 12:00mid-1:00a Cultural/Public Affairs
  1:00a-5:00a AAA Music
  5:00a-8:00a Folk Music
  8:00a-9:00a Cultural/Public Affairs
  9:00a-11:00a AAA Music
  12:00n-4:00p World Music
  4:00p-7:00p Eclectic Music
  7:00p-8:00p Cultural/Public Affairs
  8:00p-12:00mid Eclectic Music
Sun 12:00mid-2:00a Dance/Electronic Music
  2:00a-3:00a AAA Music
  3:00a-9:00a Cultural/Public Affairs
  9:00a-11:00a AAA Music
  11:00a-12:00n Cultural/Public Affairs
  12:00n-8:00p African-American Cultural Programming
  8:00p-12:00mid Jazz & Blues Music

Variety Music Audience Profile

– 62% male, 38% female
– 29% age 25-44, 39% age 45-64
– 40% listen at home, 60% listen away from from (i.e., car, office, etc.)
– 32% graduated from college
– 29% earn $25,000-$50,000 per year
– 20% earn $50,000-$75,000 per year
– 27% earn more than $75,000 per year
Source: Public Radio Today, 2012 Edition (Arbitron/Nielsen)

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  • Supported by community underwriters, businesses and people like you, Radio Phoenix delivers unique 24/7 programming that focuses on local news and culture, organizations, music, artists, youth and more.

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